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Vikings Fans vs. Packer Fans

One group is defeatist and the other is unnecessarily cocky. They are both terrible in their own way.

Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

First, let me say that I love you, Vikings faithful. I really do. But my god are you a bunch of Negative Nellies. Now, I realize this franchise has given you a lot to be negative about. I mean, I was at that fateful NFC Championship game when the Vikings took a knee and lost to the Falcons. Leaving the Metrodome that day was probably the saddest moment in my sports viewing history (other than when Norm Green ripped my heart out by taking the North Stars to Dallas). By the way, Norm STILL sucks. I watched the Vikings lose to those cheaters, the Saints, in 2009. I'm also well aware of the fact that we have never won a Super Bowl (thanks to the numerous Packer fans who always have to point that out). But the times they are a'changin', my friends.

Going into the game Sunday night at Lambeau, I was totally confident the Vikings were going to win. I'd actually told all the Packer fan kids at my school that, too. And everybody laughed. "The Vikings can't win in Green Bay" they said. "The Vikings can't win in prime time" they said. "The Packers beat the crap out of the Vikings at home" they said. Now, I can take that from Packer fans. I mean, that's to be expected. But I was hearing those comments from Vikings fans. Seriously. This franchise has reduced a large percentage of their fan base to to automatically assume the worst. There were Vikings fans actually hoping the Vikings would lose on Sunday night, just so they wouldn't have to face the Seattle Seahawks again. Cheering for a loss? Hell no. Wanting to go on the road to play the Redskins instead of having a home playoff game? No. I can't tell you the number of my Twitter followers who were losing their minds at the thought of this. Sometimes Vikings fans really are the worst.

This isn't Denny Green's team. It's not Brad Childress' team. This is Mike Zimmer's team and that man is a winner. He is tough, demanding, and expects nothing but the best from his players and his staff. If ever there was a time to be optimistic as a Vikings fan, it is now. This is a young, hungry team being coached by a very, very good coach. They are on the rise and the future looks very, very bright. On the other hand, the Packers are on the decline. I know Packer fans don't want to admit that, but it's true. They have an aging quarterback who seems to be very unhappy with his team and they are pinning their hopes on the return of Jordy Nelson, who is also aging and returning from ACL surgery. I had one Packer fan tell me their defense is the best it has been since they won the Super Bowl. Really?

Speaking of Packer, what an obnoxious bunch. I mean, I do know a few Packer fans that are actually pretty cool and grounded in reality, but they are few and far between. I actually had some of them tell me on Twitter that winning the division isn't a big deal. That good teams don't care about winning divisions. Really? Since when? I had another tweet that the Vikings have a moron weakling at quarterback (bringing up the very ill advised left handed throw by Teddy). Yes, that was a terrible decision by Teddy. But that moron weakling quarterback just beat your squad. Maybe that says something about your team?

I'm not taking anything away from the Packers. They have been very good for a very long time. But that time seems to be coming to an end. And fast. So, yes, dear Packer fans, keep asking Vikings fans how many Super Bowls they've won. Because soon, very soon, you won't like the answer. And for all of you defeatist Vikings fans, R-E-L-A-X. The culture surrounding this team is changing. So stop freaking out and just enjoy it.