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Vikings To Help Fans Beat The Cold On Sunday

Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

I'm not sure if you're aware of this or not, but Sunday afternoon's game between the Seattle Seahawks and your Minnesota Vikings at TCF Bank Stadium is going to be a cold one. (Current forecast temperature at kickoff: 0 degrees.) Well, the Vikings are going to do what they can in order to help fans stay a little bit warmer in the bitter cold they'll be facing on Sunday.

According to the team, here are some of the things that they'll be providing.

-Mariucci Arena, home of the Minnesota Golden Gophers men's hockey team, will be open as a warming house starting at 9 AM. (How cold is it? We're using a freaking hockey arena as a place to stay warm.)

-Caribou Coffee will be giving out free coffee in the Fan Zone, which is located on Oak Street outside of the stadium. (Take that, Starbucks.)

-The Fan Zone will also be distributing hand warmers, and those hand warmers will also be distributed at the gates to the stadium. Fans are still encouraged to bring their own hand warmers if they have them.

The team also wants to remind everyone that blankets are allowed at the stadium, as long as they're not the battery-powered type. The team is also encouraging fans to bring styrofoam, cardboard, or newspaper to put under their feet during the game, which the press release says "has worked in other outdoor markets."

There are still limited quantities of tickets left for Sunday's game, with prices ranging anywhere from $48 on the low end to $154 at the high end, and there are still lower level tickets available. You can get said tickets from the Vikings' website or at any Twin Cities Ticketmaster location.