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TMZ Asks Anthony Barr If Prince Is Helping The Defense

I believe this is what the kids might call "reaching full TMZ."

So the folks from the gossip television show/website caught up with Minnesota Vikings' linebacker Anthony Barr over the course of the bye week. Given that the Vikings are playing defense at an incredibly high level right now, TMZ took it upon themselves to ask about the real key to the Vikings' dominance on that side of the ball.

Not the play of Harrison Smith. Not the continued improvement of Linval Joseph. Not even Mike Zimmer's double-A gap blitz scheme. No, the really important stuff.

Like if they're getting a hand from Prince.

The single-name star and Minneapolis native, who was a huge fan of the Vikings, died of a drug overdose back in April. He had been seen at Vikings games in the past, and wrote a song for the team on their road to the 2009 NFC Championship Game. . .a song that was largely panned by critics. (And by Vikings fans, if we're being honest.) The halftime show of the Vikings' opener at U.S. Bank Stadium featured a tribute to Prince, and was apparently pretty incredible to see live.

While it's nice to see the Vikings get a little more mainstream attention, I don't know if this is the sort of thing that immediately comes to mind when you think of that. Hopefully, if Prince is influencing things a bit, he'll have his eyes on Philadelphia this Sunday.