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Roughing The Podcast, Episode 11: We Took A Bye, Too

After a somewhat inadvertent bye week, we're back, talking bye week news, Eagles, and answering listener questions.

Roughing the Podcast is back, after a somewhat unintentional bye week for us.

How does something become 'somewhat unintentional? Well, one of the co-hosts was sick on our regular recording night (Tuesday), and the other co-host had social engagements that he had to go to from Wednesday through then it was the weekend, so we just decided to wait until Tuesday and give ourselves a bye week.

Anyway, in this episode, we quickly skim over the Texans game, and then hit the bye week news pretty hard. And by the bye week news, we mean the Jake Long signing and the DUI's of former DT Isame Faciane and defensive coordinator George Edwards. And the subsequent re-signing of Tre Roberson to the practice squad.

From there, we're on to Philadelphia. We discuss the early season success of Carson Wentz, and talk about the Eagles offensive line, which is in as much disarray as the Vikings o-line on the heels of the Lane Johnson suspension. We wrap up the Eagles segment with a score prediction.

From there, we take questions from you, the listener, for the last half of the show. We answer our weekly Laquon Treadwell question, and whether or not the Vikings can or will go undefeated, among others. Thanks so much for listening, and for all the great questions. We'll see you next week.

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