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Ask Roughing The Podcast

Got a question for the show? Ask us!

Well...the Good Time Rock And Skol Bus got a bit of a flat tire in Philadelphia, and according to all the Vikings Meteorologists out there, I guess the sky is falling and the end is nigh.

Man, I love the NFL.

So you guys probably have a lot of questions about this team moving forward, don't you? OF COURSE YOU DO! That's why Doctors* Ted and Di are here, to help you through this existential sports crisis you're currently going through, because one loss against five wins mean it's over. Done. Lights out, wrap it up.

*We aren't really doctors. But we can do some incredible doctor poses.

So send us your questions for the show. Do you want to know if the Vikings can somehow win another game this year? Ask us? Will they never win another game again? Ask us! Is this the worst offensive line in the history of the world? Ask us! Will this season end with a meteor, firestorm, or alien abduction? Ask us!

The only topics that are off limits are politics and religion. No one cares about those topics anyway, so I say why bother.

Ask us, go ahead. Ask us (almost) anything. It's simple to do, really. Just leave a comment below, and if we can't get to it on the show, either Di or Ted will reply in the thread.

Or you can ask your question on Twitter. Just use the hashtag #AskRTP, or send your question to Ted (@purplebuckeye), Di (@DiMurphyMN), or the show (@RoughThePodcast).

Finally, you can send your question to the show email account to Again, if we don't get to the question on the show, one of us will reply.

So, send us your questions, and thanks for listening!