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Roughing The Podcast 12: Philly Phunk

Di and Ted preview the Eagles, discuss falling ratings, preview the Bears, and take listener questions

Well, after the Vikings lost in Philly, it was a the cap to a terrible weekend of football, and Di and Ted are here to recap it all. From the terrible offensive line, to the inability of the offense to convert any of the Philly turnovers, to the bad offensive line, to the bad running game, to the bad offensive line...well, you get the picture. We also discuss Mike Zimmer's use of the word 'soft', and whether it was a slip, or intentional.

From there, it's time to preview the Bears...who have been beset with more injuries than the Vikings, and welcome back the return of One Smokin' Jay Cutler. So are the Bears a slump buster, or will they give the Vikings a stiff test, like they usually do in Chicago?

From there, they get in to the issue of the NFL and falling popularity, discuss why the ratings are falling, and fix the problem, all within a few minutes!

Finally, they wrap the show up by taking listener questions.

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