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Rumor: Minnesota Vikings Trading For Offensive Line Help?

We have nothing but a rampant rumor at this point, but stranger things have happened.

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Arizona Cardinals
Why does this story have a picture of Pete Carroll? Read on.
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On Sunday against the Philadelphia Eagles, the football world saw that the Minnesota Vikings’ offensive line is a bit of a sore spot. Now, on this Wednesday afternoon, there’s a rumor going around that Rick Spielman and company might be doing something about it.

The source? Seattle Seahawks’ head coach Pete Carroll.

You look confused. Let me explain.

At Carroll’s press conference today, he was apparently asked about the Seahawks making a potential trade. Here’s what Carroll said that has social media buzzing at the moment.

Cohen did clarify afterwards that the question was related to trades, so it doesn’t appear that he’s talking about the move the Vikings made to sign offensive tackle Jake Long during their bye week. Although it could be, I suppose.

Lest you think that Pete Carroll can’t be taken seriously as a source when it comes to this sort of thing, I’ll remind you who the first person that had the Vikings trading for quarterback Sam Bradford nearly two months ago.

Yes, it was Denver Broncos’ defensive coordinator Wade Phillips who had the story long before any of the big-name experts in the media had it. So, take that for what you will.

We’ve been over the Vikings’ salary cap situation numerous times over the past couple of weeks, and it doesn’t appear as though there’s any space for the Vikings to do something major. Then again, stranger things have happened. But if Trader Rick pulls this off, he and Rob Brzezinski will have achieved a level of salary cap wizardry thought to be unattainable by mere mortals.

We don’t know if there’s any accuracy to this or not, but obviously if there is we will have an update here for you. Hey, it’s something to discuss, am I right?

UPDATE: Unfortunately. . .or fortunately, depending on your perspective. . .it appears that this might have been a false alarm.