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Got A Question For Di And Ted? Ask Them!

4-0 baby!!! Seriously. So many analysts keep picking the Vikings' opponents and the Vikings keep dispatching them. That's okay. Zimmer & Co. like it that way.

Do you have a question for the show? Ask us. Except if it's about politics because that would make Ted's head explode. Got a question about what secret ingredient can make your chicken noodle soup amazing? Will Jarius Wright ever get to play again? Want to know our impressions of the new stadium?  The meaning of life? (seriously, don't ask us this, it can only end poorly) Vikings in general? Fantasy football or the NFL?

Ask us. Ask us (almost) anything (except politics). It's simple to do, really. Just leave a comment below. If we can't get to it on the show, either Di or Ted will reply in the thread.

Or you can ask your question on Twitter. Just use the hashtag #AskRTP, or send your question to Ted (@purplebuckeye), Di (@DiMurphyMN), or the show (@RoughThePodcast).

Finally, you can send your question to the show email account: Again, if we don't get to the question on the show, one of us will reply.

So, send us your questions, and thanks for listening!