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RTP 10: Giant Killers

After the mega podcast, we're back in the saddle

After a trip to the Homeland for Ted, and the mega podcast with the Vikings Cast of Podcast Characters for both Ted and Di, RTP returns to it's originally scheduled programming.

In this episode Di and Ted talk about experiencing US Bank Stadium first hand, and how incredible the experience was. Also, the Skol Chant is cool, and it needs to stay.

From there, we discuss the Giants game, and start off talking about how Xavier Rhodes shut down Odell Beckham, Jr., and threw him off his game. From there, we got into a good discussion about Beckham's behavior, and whether or not this is an issue for him and the Giants moving forward.

We finished off the Giants recap by discussing the rest of the defenses performance, and we wondered whether or not there is anything to be concerned about with Eric Kendricks and Anthony Barr. Also, don't worry about the lack of sacks, things are fine.

From there, we're on to Houston. There are a couple matchups that worry us, to include Lamar Miller against the Vikings run defense, and Will Fuller against Trae Waynes and Terence Newman. But on offense, the Vikings face a weak running defense, and Ted makes a bold prediction.

Speaking of predictions, Di and Ted make their game predictions, and of course when Di calculates who won, she will rig it in her favor. Because of course she will.

Finally, we take listener questions...and seriously, thanks for all the great questions you're sending us. It means a lot that you're listening to the show, and we hope you'll continue. We take a lot of football questions, but we answer a couple food questions and Di proclaims herself the Official Chef Of Roughing The Podcast.

Which is a load of crap, but whatever.

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