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Video: Mike Zimmer vs The King Of Pop

Fans of the Minnesota Vikings love Mike Zimmer, and with good reason. After being passed over so many times to get his first shot as an NFL head coach, the Vikings hired him following the 2013 season, and he has quickly shown why he should have gotten that opportunity a long time ago.

Zimmer's calling card with this team has been the defense that he and George Edwards have put together over the past few years. With a combination of outstanding players and a very good scheme, this defense has turned into (arguably) the NFL's best in Zimmer's third season in Minneapolis.

Someone has decided to pay tribute to the man with the headset on the Vikings' sideline, and have done so with a song parody of one of the most recognizable songs of all time.

Courtesy of Kari Wahlen, whose work you can find on YouTube and on Twitter at @SingMNSports, we're happy to bring you "Zimmer," a take on Michael Jackson's "Thriller."

Enjoy, everybody!