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Ask Roughing The Podcast

Has panic set in? Should we just R-E-L...calm down? Ask us!

Seven years ago Three weeks ago the Vikings were the NFC representative for the Super Bowl.

Fast forward to about 10:00 last night, and Vikings nation had binge eaten all of their leftover Halloween candy, most of the haul your kids got, and collectively, we're rocking back and forth on the couch whispering 'it'll be okay, it'll be okay' on repeat.

We know you have questions, lots and lots of questions, and Di and Ted are here to be your sports psychologist. So come on in and have a seat. Chair or couch, it makes no difference. We're here for you, and all you need to do is ask us a question. And the great thing is that we don't charge you 500 bucks an hour.


Something something you get what you pay for something something. Also, we are not, in any way, shape, or form, trained medical professionals. Like not even remotely.

So ask us, go ahead. Ask us (almost) anything. It's simple to do, really. Just leave a comment below, and if we can't get to it on the show, either Di or Ted will reply in the thread.

Or you can ask your question on Twitter. Just use the hashtag #AskRTP, or send your question to Ted (@purplebuckeye), Di (@DiMurphyMN), or the show (@RoughThePodcast).

Finally, you can send your question to the show email account to Again, if we don't get to the question on the show, one of us will reply.

So, send us your questions, and thanks for listening!