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Roughing The Podcast, Ep 13--Slapdown At Soldier Field

As much as we wanted to, we didn't quit 2/3 of the way through.

Episode 13 discusses the beatdown at the hands of the Chicago Bears, and Halloween. A reluctant Ted and Di don't want to discuss that travishamockery of a game, so we do what all responsible adults do when faced with a difficult topic--we avoided it for as long as practical.

We opened the show discussing Halloween, trick or treating costumes, and the best Halloween candy there is. Nerds is a great candy, thank you very much, and Ted will plant his flag on that hill and die there, if necessary.

From there, with no other topics at hand, it was on to the Bears review. A discussion of the overall crappy game ensued, focusing on the two lines, and overhaul possibilities for the offensive line. Then we griped about the running game, of which there currently isn't one.

On defense, it was just as bad. The defensive line got pushed around, Andrew Sendejo's replacement was bad...and hey, did the Vikings quit? We discuss that in detail.

Finally, we wrap up the show taking about the upcoming Lions game, and ended the show by taking listener questions.

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