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Roughing The Podcast, Ep 15: Walshapocalypse

Di and Ted are back discussing kickers, Redskins, and Cardinals. In an unrelated note, Kickers, Redskins, and Cardinals was the name of a wildly popular Vaudeville troop back in the day (it really wasn't)

Di and Ted return with episode 15, and they have a lot to discuss.

First up, they go over the release of Blair Walsh, and what it means for the Vikings going forward.  They also discuss a couple 'what if' situations and whether or not if those situations go another direction, whether or not he's still on the team.

From there, it's on to Washington, and the Vikings fourth loss in a row. There are a litany of issues going on with the Vikings right now, and the duo try and cover all of them. From the offense, to the defense, to the injuries, there's little good news right now, except Stefon Diggs.

Finally, it's a preview of the upcoming Cardinals game, and listener questions.

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