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Minnesota Vikings Power Rankings Roundup: Week 9

With a second straight ugly loss in the books, how far have the Minnesota Vikings fallen this week?

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NFL: Minnesota Vikings at Chicago Bears
Just because I wanted to use this picture one time.
Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

On Monday Night, the Minnesota Vikings put a second consecutive ugly loss in the books when they fell to the Chicago Bears by a score of 20-10. The purple and gold dropped a little bit in the rankings after their loss in Week 7, so it stands to reason that a second straight loss would serve to drop them farther.

How much? Well, let’s take our weekly look around the interwebs for our Power Rankings Roundup.

SB Nation: #4 (Last week: #2)

The Vikings are the obvious drop, after we gave them the benefit of the doubt last week against the Eagles. The way Minnesota played against the Bears, the No. 30 team in last week’s power rankings, suggests that there are legitimate issues — primarily the offensive line — that the Vikings need to correct.

The Bears had plays like where Jay Cutler hit Alshon Jeffery in the back of a head with a pass, and Chicago still managed to beat the Vikings.

Elliot Harrison, #6 (Last week: #2)

Are the Vikings worse than the Falcons -- and thus, deserving of a lower ranking here? Tough call. What is not debatable is that Minnesota is trending downward. Sam Bradford looked like a quarterback who still doesn't have a full grasp of the offense -- most notably, when the Vikings were still huddling in hurry-up mode -- but at least Minnesota made up for it with a garbage running game. Permission to be concerned, #SKOL fans.

Frank Schwab, Yahoo! Sports: #7 (Last week: #4)

I remember two weeks ago, when Vikings fans were screaming at me that not having their team No. 1 ahead of the Patriots was a travesty of justice. Ah, memories.

Cameron DaSilva, Fox Sports: #7 (Last week: #5)

The Vikings’ fall from the top continues after an embarrassing loss to the Bears on Monday night. The offensive line looked terrible against Chicago’s middle-of-the-road pass rush, which should create serious cause for concern. The Vikings should consider acquiring a left tackle if they want Sam Bradford to make it through the year with all of his limbs. He was sacked five times after taking six last week.

USA Today: #10 (Last week: #5)

It's officially time to be concerned. Minnesota has overcome ton of adversity, but it (and Sam Bradford) may not survive dearth of blocking.

Pete Prisco, CBS Sports: #7 (Last week: #3)

Their offensive line is killing this team. Can it be fixed to turn it around after two bad losses?

ESPN: #7 (Last week: #5)

Not many anticipated that the Vikings would rise as high as they did after losing QB Teddy Bridgewater to a season-ending injury in late August. But with Sam Bradford's recent struggles, taking 11 sacks the past two games, a bigger drop-off could be in store if the problems aren't corrected.

Walter Cherepinsky, Walter Football: #5 (Last week: #2)

I don't know how the Vikings can pull it off, solely because of cap space, but they should trade for Joe Thomas or Joe Staley. Maybe even both. Their tackles are atrocious, and Sam Bradford doesn't stand a chance. For more, check out my NFL Game Recaps.

Chris Burke, Sports Illustrated: #10 (Last week: #3)

Think of the pocket where Sam Bradford resides as the VIP area of the Vikings’ offense. That would make Jake Long and T.J. Clemmings the velvet ropes meant to keep defenders out. They serve a purpose and might work for awhile, but there’s no bouncer to be seen so if someone really wants to get in he’s going to do so.​

Chris Simms, Bleacher Report: #7 (Last week: #2)

One bad line ain’t enough, Jack.

The Vikings went and made it a double. We now need to start questioning if Mike Zimmer’s team is tough enough in either trench to make the playoff run that once felt inevitable.

Injuries and bad pass protection created offensive issues the past two weeks. But this is the first time we’ve seen their talented defensive line get pushed around. That shouldn’t happen with all that talent, nor should the Vikings get gashed in the run game.

Factor out Jordan Howard’s big runs, though, and he still ran for four yards per carry. Who would’ve guessed?

Looking forward: Minnesota must sort out its blocking issues. Otherwise, even the injury-riddled Lions front will break through on Sam Bradford.

For the most part, the rankings still have the Vikings in the upper echelon of National Football League teams, even after a couple of ugly losses. There are a couple of outliers that dropped the Vikings down to #10 in the rankings, but nobody else has them ranked lower than #7. If the playoffs were to start today, this team would still have a first-round bye, and hopefully they can get things turned around against their division rivals from Detroit on Sunday at home.

Here is this week’s graphic depiction of the trends we’re seeing. You may click the graph to embiggen.

That’s your Power Rankings Roundup for this week, folks. Again, hopefully we’ll begin seeing an upward swing in these rankings again when we meet here next week.