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Roughing The Podcast 16: Happy Thanksgiving!

We review the Cardinals, and we preview the Lions and Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Episode 16 finds us on the verge of the best single day of the year, Thanksgiving. What other day can you gorge on food AND Football SIMULTANEOUSLY?

(That was a rhetorical question, you guys).

And Ted and DI are here to go over it all. First, we talk how one handles a house full of people, and of course, we rank order side dishes. Di's list only goes to three, because she can't follow simple instructions of 'one to five'. Ted, however, gets ripped for listing beans, which is NOT WEIRD IT'S TOTALLY NORMAL TO HAVE BEANS AS A SIDE DISH ON THANKSGIVING.

Also, only Philistines have ham on Thanksgiving. Turkey, or go to Golden Corral, man.

Once we get Thanksgiving figured out, we move on to the Cardinals. The offensive line is what it is, basically, and it isn't changing. The running game isn't going to get any better, and we discussed the curious move of releasing Ronnie Hillman on Monday, and speculate what it means.

From there, we talk about the unique records Cordarrelle Patterson has set, and what the prospects are to re-signing him when free agency hits. We then move on to the curious two halves of the Vikings defense, and how important the 100 yard pick six Xavier Rhodes was.

Then we're on to the Detroit game, and how different a Thanksgiving game day is than a regular game day. We also discuss why the Vikings are going to win the rematch, and what they're going to do differently this time.

We wrap up the show with a Christmas main dish preview, and why it might be okay to NOT have turkey on Christmas.

Finally, Di and Ted would like to wish you, the great folks of The Daily Norseman, a wonderful Thanksgiving. May you spend the day with loved ones, and for those of you deployed around the world serving in the Armed Forces, Godspeed, and we hope you're home soon safe and sound. Thanks for walking the wall and keeping the bad guys at bay so we can enjoy this holiday in peace and safety. Thank you.

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