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Ask Roughing The Podcast

Got a question about the Vikings, the NFL, or life in general for the show? Ask away!

The Vikings laid a Thanksgiving Egg in Detroit, and Di and Ted are dropping another show to talk about it tonight.

Do you need to vent? Ask a question about the Vikings? The NFL? Fantasy football?

Talk about Thanksgiving food? This would be my topic of choice, because anything beats talking about the Vikes right now. But this isn't Roughing The Cornucopia, so yeah. We get it. It's the Vikings, as distasteful as that might be. at the moment. We're here to answer your questions. Did you come back off the ledge after the Cardinals game only to walk right back out there after Detroit, and need advice on whether you should walk or run to the ledge?

Ask us (almost) anything. It's simple to do, really. Just leave a comment below, and if we can't get to it on the show, either Di or Ted will reply in the thread.

Or you can ask your question on Twitter. Just use the hashtag #AskRTP, or send your question to Ted (@purplebuckeye), Di (@DiMurphyMN), or the show (@RoughThePodcast).

Finally, you can send your question to the show email account to Again, if we don't get to the question on the show, one of us will reply.

So, send us your questions, and thanks for listening!