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Roughing The Podcast 17: Stalled In The Motor City

A new episode is out, recapping the week that was in Vikings World

Ted and Di are back with another episode of Roughing The Podcast, the fastest growing Vikings podcast on the Internet. In this episode they:

-Discuss the Lions game, and whether or not their Thanksgiving was kind of ruined by the game. They get into the strategy of the short passing game employed by Sam Bradford and Pat Shurmur, the offensive line injuries, and who threw who under the bus a couple days after the game.

So, do you want the Vikings to even go to the playoffs? We explain.

Will the Vikings throw the long ball again this year, or no?

On defense, it's hard to criticize a stellar performance, but once again Minnesota allowed the Lions a long drive, late in the game, to tie it up. We go into whether or not the defense failed there, or whether or not they played well enough to win the game.

From there, we talk Dallas. It feels like one of those games the Vikings have no business winning...which means of course they win it. Dak Prescott, Ezekiel Elliott, and the Cowboys offensive line are really good, and we talk about how they can be neutralized.

For the Vikings offense, we discuss what they'll need to do to win, and whether or not shots downfield will be there.

Finally, we take listener questions. We discuss Adrian Peterson, the Vikings offensive line, and...whether or not Arif Hasan and Eric Thompson would be good fits on the Vikings offensive line? What? You can find links to the show below, and thanks for listening.

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