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Sam Bradford Leaves Game With Injury

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The Vikings’ starting quarterback took a huge hit towards the end of the first half.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Minnesota Vikings Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

UPDATE: Good news on this front for the purple.

Just about every other position has suffered injuries for the Minnesota Vikings so far this season, so what’s another one?

Near the end of the first half of the Thursday Night Football game against the Dallas Cowboys, Vikings’ quarterback Sam Bradford took a huge shot from Demarcus Lawrence and Malik Collins and stayed down on the field for an extended time, eventually departing the game in favor of Shaun Hill.

We’re not sure what the issue with Bradford is at the present time. With the hit he took, it could be his ribs or it could be a shoulder issue. It looks like he’s going to be ready to go again for the second half of play, but he missed the final two plays of the half for the Vikings. Hill came in and completed one pass to Adam Thielen and took one sack.

Again, Sam Bradford left with an injury at the end of the second quarter of the Thursday Night Football game against the Dallas Cowboys. If it’s going to keep him out for any length of time, we will update you on his status.