What kind of fan are you?

I have 3 kids. One of them, our youngest, has a hard time laughing at herself.* If someone cracks a joke at her expense, she'll typically fly off the handle and WW3 erupts in our household. I continue to coach her on the importance of learning to take a joke (seriously, we're not talking about malicious attacks here) and time will tell if she's ever willing to take my advice.

* I love this kid to death. She's one of the most imaginative, spirited and funny people I've ever met. She just lacks, to this point in her young life, the ability to self-deprecate.

That said, in the spirit of people laughing at themselves, I was catching up on some DN threads this morning. One comment that was posted in the article about Sharif Floyd getting moved to IR focused on an "I told you so" moment, where in contrast to what all the experts were saying about Floyd heading into the draft the contributor wanted to remind us all that he repeatedly condoned drafting a different, albeit more subsequently successful, defensive lineman.

Personally, I find humor in these moments and it got me thinking about the "fan-types" we see around here. I'm not weighing in as to whether any particular fan is good or bad (although I admit, some aggravate me more than others)...we all contribute in our own way to making the DN go 'round. But I thought it might be fun to take a minute to share our observations and laugh, as it were, at ourselves as we consider some of the more common DN fan-types. At the end of the day, I'll admit to having some tendencies toward one or more of the below depending on the situation. So here goes...

1. The "I don't need hindsight to see 20/20" fan: I thought I'd start here since this is the name I've given to the example I used above. This is the fan that can't wait to remind the world just how brilliant they are by pointing out how, contrary to popular opinion and/or expert analysis, they knew we should have taken player "X" instead of player "Y" in the 20XX draft. Carr before Bridgewater has been a fairly well document example on DN.

2. The "I don't need more than 1 season to know for a fact someone is a bust" fan: A gaggle of these fans have taken flight within the friendly confines of DN over the past few weeks as we've gotten deep into the season and the 2016 draft class, in general, has significantly under-performed expectations. I'm not saying the assessment of this draft class to date isn't accurate and this is certainly, to some degree, a trait that I struggle with at times (in my first personal "draft board" ever I had both Treadwell and Alexander as the best picks available when the Vikings were on the the time, I thought I was a, not so much). I guess the thing that makes me chuckle with these "hard core" fans is the absolute certainty with which they attach the "bust" label to young players so early in their career (keep in mind, for me, the all-time measuring stick for "bust" is JaMarcus Russell so our guys have a ways to go before they reach that level). In my more reasoned moments, I'd like to think it takes more than one year to know for sure what you've got...but 1-2 seasons from now if Treadwell, Alexander, et al don't turn things around we'll be seeing many of fan-type #2 migrate to fan-type #1 as they painfully remind us all that they told us back in 2016 that player "X" was a bust.

3. The "If I were an owner I'd only evaluate my GM on the bad picks" fan: Love, hate, like, meh on Spielman...however you feel about the job he's doing, many of the most vocal topical antagonists tend to overemphasize the obvious gaffs while conveniently ignoring some of the more bold and/or successful moves he's made. Again, this isn't a statement on whether Spielman is good, bad or otherwise. In fact, the non-kissing cousin of this fan is the "If I were an owner I'd only evaluate my GM on the good picks" fan. Both of these fan-types run amok within the walls of DN and their respective opinions bring an often informative balance to the on-going debate. But I still find humor in the polarity with which each side tends to support their opinion because in their worst (best?) moments they come across as severely deluded, albeit (mostly) entertainingly so.

4. The "If he's on the team he's OK by me" fan: Loyal to a fault, this fan is completely incapable of any rationale, critical debate about their favorite team. They're submerged in the deep-end of the Purple Kool-Aid Pool and they'll never break the surface to take a breath. A close corollary to this fan is the "sacred cow" fan. The Sacred Cow fan has some ability to see the world for what it is as long as you don't cross the line into forbidden territory. These fans are comfortable having a critical debate about the Vikings and/or certain players but if you even look the wrong way toward, for instance, Teddy out! They'll rip you a new one. I know I'm caveating a lot, but again, this is an important, contributing fan-type (and I personally love Teddy) that adds a lot to the discussion. Just make sure you never give them you're real name/address if you've butchered one of their sacred cows because they'll hunt you down.

5. The "I build myself up by bringing others down" fan: Not really a fan, they are more affectionately known as "trolls". But they deserve an honorable mention if only for the entertainment value they bring when you turn the tables on their weak psyche. A distant relative to this fan is the "I love the give but the take, not so much" fan. These fans are generally well intended folks who appreciate the "outward" banter (i.e. from them to someone else) on DN but when the script gets flipped they get real quiet and/or don't appreciate the redirect. I had a boss like this once (great guy by the way)...he loved to give people shit but wasn't really happy when it came time to receive. The big difference between the troll and this latter fan-type, is one has a character flaw whereas the other has more of a "development opportunity", in corporate speak teams.

So, I'm at the end of my creativity, for now. But I'd love to hear from others on the topic. What "fan-types" would you add to this list? What are some of your favorite "fan-type" experiences? What "fan-type" are you (remember, it's OK to laugh at yourself...we need different "fan-types" to keep things interesting around here!)?

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