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Harrison Smith Might Return This Week

A week after speculation that the star safety’s season might be done, the head coach said he may be back Sunday.

Minnesota Vikings v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Leading up to the Minnesota Vikings’ game with the Jacksonville Jaguars this past Sunday, it was announced that star safety Harrison Smith had suffered a grade three high ankle sprain. The speculation from many. . .including us. . .was that Smith would likely miss the rest of the season, and would certainly miss multiple weeks at the very least.

Yeah. . .maybe not.

At his press conference at Winter Park on Wednesday, head coach Mike Zimmer said that there was a chance that Harrison Smith could potentially be back this week for the Vikings’ contest at U.S. Bank Stadium against the Indianapolis Colts.

The injury Smith suffered was given the highest graded injury a high ankle sprain can be given, and generally indicates a complete tear of the ankle ligament. I’m not sure how good the chances are of the NFL’s best safety returning for this Sunday’s game, but the fact that it’s even being discussed is pretty incredible.

Obviously, this is something that we’ll be tracking as we get closer to game time. If Smith can somehow gut this one out, he would provide a pretty significant boost to the Minnesota defense.