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Skol Girl On The Purple FTW! Podcast

Yes, you can hear from a member of our team that you don’t get to hear from that often.

We’ve got a special treat for you today, Daily Norseman readers.

You’re used to hearing radio hits and podcast interviews from Eric, Ted, and myself, as well as our two ventures into the podcast world courtesy of Arif, Dusty, and company as well as Di and Ted’s excellent adventures. (That would have been an awesome name, but nobody asked me.) But today, you get an opportunity to hear from a member of our team that isn’t frequently heard from.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the lovely and talented Skol Girl had an opportunity to sit down with our friend Andy Carlson from the Purple FTW! Podcast (and approximately 27 other podcasts, but this is an episode of Purple FTW!) to talk about a number of topics. Skol Girl currently devotes most of her DN-related time these days to our FaceBook page (which is awesome and which you should be following if you’re not already), but she still has quite a bit to say about the Minnesota Vikings, and Andy gives her an opportunity to do just that.

You can listen to the episode of Purple FTW! below. Enjoy, ladies and gentlemen!