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NFC Playoff Picture: Minnesota’s One-Way Road To The Playoffs

The Vikings are still, somehow, mathematically alive for the playoffs.

NFL: Indianapolis Colts at Minnesota Vikings
Sorry, but I don’t think Santa’s bringing a playoff berth for Christmas.
Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

Thanks to the sequence of events in the National Football League over the past couple of days, the Minnesota Vikings are still somehow alive for a shot at a playoff berth. Granted, after the 34-6 thrashing they took on Sunday against the Indianapolis Colts, I can understand why the consensus may be that it’s best to just put this season out of its misery, but hey. . .a season with 17 Vikings games always trumps a season with 16 Vikings games, right?

After last night, the Vikings have about a 2% chance of making it to the postseason. In order for that to happen, all of the following things must occur over the next two weeks.

  1. The Vikings have to win their final two games (at Green Bay, vs Chicago)
  2. Tampa Bay has to lose both of their final two games (at New Orleans, vs Carolina)
  3. Washington has to lose both one of their final two games (at Chicago, vs New York Giants)
  4. Detroit must beat Green Bay in Week 17

Again, all of those things need to happen. Any Vikings’ loss or any win by either Tampa Bay or Washington will officially extinguish the flame for Minnesota for 2016, as would Green Bay beating Detroit in Week 17.

So, there’s a chance. . .I’m not going to waste the Lloyd Christmas meme on this one, because it really isn’t a terribly good chance or anything. Frankly, after the performance they put up against Indianapolis on Sunday, I’m of the frame of mind where I can’t see anything other than the Vikings absorbing a Grade-A, USDA-choice 30-point ass kicking at Lambeau Field on Saturday afternoon and putting a stake through the heart of this season for good.

But that’s just me. Maybe the most un-Minnesota sports thing in a long time will happen. Who knows for sure?