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Minnesota Vikings Bring Back Toby Johnson, Place Tom Johnson On IR

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Minnesota makes a roster move with the defensive linemen thanks to another injury.

NFL: Preseason-Los Angeles Rams at Minnesota Vikings Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

When the Minnesota Vikings released defensive tackle Toby Johnson on Saturday to clear room on the roster for running back Adrian Peterson, he tweeted the following:

In Johnson’s case, the “process” took all of about 48 hours.

On Tuesday, the Vikings moved defensive tackle Tom Johnson to injured reserve, following the hamstring tear he suffered in Sunday’s loss against the Indianapolis Colts. To take his place on the active roster, the team brought Toby Johnson back.

Because of Tom Johnson’s injury, Toby Johnson might finally get an opportunity to show his stuff a bit. The Vikings brought him up to the active roster in the early part of last week to replace Sharrif Floyd, who the Vikings put on IR after twelve weeks of waiting for him to finally come back. . .a comeback that never materialized. He got waived on Saturday to make room for Peterson, but didn’t wind up signing with anyone else, and was available when the Vikings needed him on Tuesday.

Toby Johnson played pretty well during this past preseason, and many. . .including myself. . .were surprised when he was among the preseason cuts. Now, with the Vikings’ depth at defensive tackle basically eroded away, it looks like he’s going to get an opportunity. Let’s hope he makes the most of it. . .the fewer questions the Vikings have to answer going into 2017, the better.