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Roughing The Podcast 20: Ho-Ho-Holy Crap That Was Bad

Di and Ted welcome special guest Matt Krier of the Winona Post to discuss the Vikings, Christmas, and yeah, we even talk about the Gophers football scandal

In light of the recent Vikings debacle against the Colts, Di and Ted felt they needed some guest help to make it through this episode, so they welcomed in Vikings Twitter stalwart and Winona Post sports writer Matthew Krier, who writes about the Vikings and college football.

The show starts out getting to know Matt, some Christmas talk, and how creepy the Elf on the Shelf is (it's very freaking creepy).

At about 12:15, we discussed the 'other' football team in the Twin Cities, the University of Minnesota Golden Gophers, and the recent scandal surrounding them. Because, you know, there's so many positive things about football in the state of Minnesota these days. Matt takes the lead on this, and it became a really good talk about how things went down, and what it means going forward for Gopher football.

At 31:00, we talk a little bit about the phenomenon of college players skipping bowl games to avoid injury and get ready for the NFL draft. Ted has one position, Di has another, and Matt walks the tightrope like the true professional that he is.

We avoided talking about the Vikings for as long as possible, but at the 47:00 mark, we can no longer avoid it. Di, Ted, and Matt try to answer these questions:

--Was this the worst loss in the Mike Zimmer era?

--We play a new game on RTP, called 'Who Cared Less?' This week we ask Who Cared Less: the Vikings on Sunday, or Mike Zimmer during his Monday press conference?

--Did that game finally break Mike Zimmer and the 2016 season?

--Now that the Vikings are out of the playoffs, would you still pull the trigger on the Sam Bradford trade?

--Did Adrian Peterson returning provide the team and fans with false hope? Is he back in 2017?

At 1:27:30, we move on to Packers Week and no one really cares. After last Sunday, it really feels like the Vikings have no shot. The Vikings secondary is a mess, the Packers are on a roll, and the Vikings pass rush has disappeared, so how can they win?

If the Vikings do win Saturday, does it make you feel better knowing they essentially knocked Green Bay out of the playoffs, or since the Vikings are out of it does it matter?

Predictions, woo hoo!! Um, we're not optimistic.

Finally, we wrap up the show with listener questions.

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