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Minnesota Vikings Power Rankings Roundup: Week 16

The drop is coming, but exactly how big is it going to be?

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NFL: Indianapolis Colts at Minnesota Vikings Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

When you lose, you expect a drop in the Power Rankings around the internet. When you lose by four touchdowns. . .at home. . .in a game that you absolutely need to keep your postseason hopes alive. . .against a team that hadn’t exactly been setting the world on fire recently. . .you expect a pretty significant drop.

So, how bad is it for the Vikings this week? Let’s take a spin around the internet with this week’s Power Rankings Roundup.

SB Nation: #23 (Last week: #20)

No commentary on the Vikings this week.

Elliot Harrison, #20 (Last week: #17)

Hands down the worst performance of the NFL weekend. The Vikings hosted a Colts team that had allowed its quarterback to be hit more than any other signal caller in the league, and whose offensive line was severely banged up. Andrew Luck was also without the services of his best red-zone threat. Not only did Minnesota carry these matchup advantages, but a chance to possibly eliminate the Packers next week -- provided the Vikings could beat Indy -- before hosting the Bears in Week 17 should have motivated this team to play great football. Fail. Not sure the Vikings have ever looked worse in the Mike Zimmer era.

Frank Schwab, Yahoo! Sports: #21 (Last week: #16)

The Vikings’ chances of making the playoffs are down to 2 percent, according to’s projections. All of the stuff above about the Dolphins and how amazing it is that their season turned so dramatically after five games? That’s all true about the Vikings too, just in reverse.

Cameron DaSilva, Fox Sports: #22 (Last week: #18)

It’s pretty safe to say the Vikings are toast when it comes to playoff chances. Adrian Peterson looks like a shell of himself, and the defense isn’t the unit it was a few weeks ago. Considering all the injuries, it wasn’t a bad year, but it was definitely one that came up shorter than they had hoped – especially after a 5-0 start.

USA Today: #22 (Last week: #16)

Might we have just seen Adrian Peterson's final home game for Minnesota? If so, it would be an unfortunate curtain call for an all timer.

Pete Prisco, CBS Sports: #19 (Last week: #16)

This season has gone wrong in a lot of ways, but losing the way they did to the Colts was embarrassing. They are better than that.

ESPN: #20 (Last week: #15)

Adrian Peterson's return didn't exactly spark the offense. He has now rushed 37 times this season for 72 yards, an average of 1.95 yards per rush. Peterson and the struggling Vikings visit Green Bay in Week 16.

Walter Cherepinsky, Walter Football: #21 (Last week: #14)

I've found myself wondering how in hell this guy could get blown out:

And then I realized two things: 1) Perhaps his own team was scared of him. 2) Maybe Harrison Smith's absence had the slightest bit of an impact against Andrew Luck. Maybe.

Chris Burke, Sports Illustrated: #23 (Last week: #18)

The Vikings played Sunday's game against the Colts like a team in a football movie does after the players all use fake IDs to get drunk at a country bar the night before the game. The major flop really came out of nowhere. Even in their growing number of losses, the Vikings had been competitive. Sunday, they definitely were not.

Chris Simms, Bleacher Report: #23 (Last week: #18)

What a disappointing way to kiss your season goodbye.

It wasn’t the offense that sunk Minnesota. It was the defense—coach Mike Zimmer’s bread and butter—that got exposed in an Andrew Luck long-ball fest.

It wasn’t just that Zimmer’s secondary allowed big plays (see: Erik Swoope, Phillip Dorsett touchdowns). It was the uncharacteristic lack of discipline—two neutral-zone infractions by Linval Joseph and Everson Griffen kept Colts scoring drives alive.

Looking forward: Aaron Rodgers isn't his normal self. Then again, Zimmer's defense isn't the same scary group either.

Yes, the Vikings have fallen out of the Top 20 in seven of our ten sets of Power Rankings, as their huge free-fall through the second half of the season continues. I suppose the Vikings are lucky that there are a handful of teams that have won between zero and two games so far this season. . .otherwise, they’d probably run a serious risk of being the first team to ever rank first and last in some of these sets of Power Rankings in the same season.

Here’s the graphic depiction for this week, as you can continue to see the trend lines moving downward. Click to embiggen. . .if you dare.

So, that’s our Power Rankings Roundup for this week, ladies and gentlemen. Will it get better or uglier next week? Signs definitely point to uglier the way things are going right now, but that’s why they play the games, I suppose.