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Vikings’ Plane Slides Off Runway

Another page added to the Vikings’ 2016 season.

NFL: Minnesota Vikings at Chicago Bears Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

To put it charitably, the last couple of months have not gone entirely the way the Minnesota Vikings would like them on the field. On Friday night, things went off the road off the field as well.

Or, more specifically, off the runway.

The Vikings were making their way to their game against the Green Bay Packers on Saturday afternoon. Because Green Bay doesn’t actually have its own airport, teams generally fly into Appleton International Airport and then take the bus to Green Bay, which is about 30 miles northeast.

From all reports, nobody on the plane got injured or anything. . .all of the players, coaches, and flight crew are okay. However, the plane is stuck, and the team is also stuck, as they’re still waiting to get off of the aircraft.

This just adds another twist to a Vikings’ season that’s become the strangest since the 2010 campaign. At least this season we don’t have to worry about the stadium falling apart, I suppose. (Hopefully I didn’t jinx anything by saying that.) Hopefully everyone will be able to deplane in short order and can get themselves set up at the hotel before tomorrow’s game. If there are any more developments on this story, we will update this post to bring them to you. If you’re into SnapChat, Anthony Harris has been putting updates of the situation on there.

UPDATE: Apparently the plane has been there a while.