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Previewing Bears/Vikings With Chicago Bears Review

I got an opportunity to sit down with Larry D from Chicago Bears Review to talk about this Sunday’s game.

It’s been a bit of an ugly season for us fans of the Minnesota Vikings, what with the team completely disintegrating before our eyes after a 5-0 start. But, as the old saying goes, misery loves company, and that’s exactly what we’ll be seeing at U.S. Bank Stadium on Sunday afternoon when the purple and gold host the Chicago Bears in the 2016 regular season finale.

To preview this one, I got an opportunity to sit down with Larry D from the Chicago Bears Review podcast. We got a chance to talk about a number of different topics, including exactly what happened to the Vikings after their 5-0 start and the recent revelation that the secondary blew off Mike Zimmer in last week’s loss to Green Bay.

It’s always fun to sit down with Larry and talk football, and I’ve gotten the opportunity to do so multiple times. So, hopefully you’ll take a moment or two to listen to this one. I’ve provided the embedded version of this week’s show below, and you can also find the Chicago Bears Review on iTunes and other distribution sites by going to their website.

Enjoy the show, everyone!