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‘Tis The Season At SotaStickCo

They’ve given us another great design this holiday season.

Once again, our friends over at SotaStickCo have given us a fine new design for fans of the Minnesota Vikings, and this one should definitely put you in the holiday spirit.

In another throwback to days gone by, this is their second shirt featuring Vikings’ great Randy Moss, and this one goes back to one of his great quotes during his time in Minnesota. Moss had gotten fined for his fake mooning incident in the playoffs against Green Bay, and a reporter asked him how he intended to pay the fine. His response?

“Straight cash, homie.”

Now, in time for the holidays, we’ve got Straight Cash Ho-Ho-Homie, which features a fully-afroed Moss in a Santa hat. Maybe he’s advising everyone how they should be buying their gifts this holiday season. . .after all, credit card interest is a bear, you know?

If you’d like to get your hands on one of these shirts, you can grab one over at the SotaStickCo website.