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Roughing The Podcast Episode 18: Cowboy Up

The Vikings fall to 6-6, but have a winnable game against the Jaguars. We think.

We're back with another episode of Roughing The Podcast, and in this episode, Ted and Di:

Open the show by discussing some news of the week, primarily the health of head coach Mike Zimmer. Also, Mike Zimmer should wear a black patch over his eye and talk like a pirate. And yes, we should totally talk like a pirate more often. Because it's cool, regardless of what Di thinks.

At about 9:30, we move on to Shariff Floyd, and his lingering injury. And the other big personnel news was a bit of a Twitter dustup caused by Randy Moss and Vikings Twitter, while answering a tweet about helping out rookie WR Laquon Treadwell.

At the 20 minute mark, they dive into the Cowboys game. The frustration with the running game and the offensive line has reached a boiling point, and we play a little word asssociation with T.J. Clemmings and blocking. No really, it's fun! They talk about the entire game, to include the impotent offense, hampered by the line and their untimely penalties. Then they discussed the brutal no-call penalty on the two point conversion, the Thielen fumble, and the social media backlash he had to endure. It's just a game, people. At about the 35:30 mark, we discuss Brian Robison's post game comments about officiating, and the overall state of the NFL officials from game to game. (Hint, it's so bad). We wrap up the Cowboys game talking about the defense and Jeff Locke, at approximately the 40 minute mark.

At about the 46 minute mark, we start talking about Jacksonville, and how horrible their uniforms are. Seriously, they're awful. We talk about Blake Bortles, the pretty good Jaguars defense, and our weekly game predictions. (HINT: It'll be ugly). But we both predict defensive touchdowns, and we even call our shot as to which defensive player scores.

Right about the 60 minute mark, we take a quick look at the final four games, make final record predictions, and then take listener questions. Thanks for listening, and please follow the show on iTunes or Stitcher, and leave us a review, if you wouldn't mind.

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