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Gjallarhorn Will Have Its Own Spot At U.S. Bank Stadium

Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

Since 2007, the Minnesota Vikings have started games with the sounding of the Gjallarhorn. Even when it got hit by an equipment cart and broke into pieces before this year's Wild Card playoff game, the team pulled out a backup horn to sound before the opening kickoff.

Yesterday, the team revealed that the Gjallarhorn will have a new home when U.S. Bank Stadium opens up, and it will not be down at field level. According to the team's official website, it will now have a significantly more prominent location. And no, stupid dumb-dumb Viking haters. . .that "more prominent location" is not in Los Angeles, much to your chagrin.

Typically stationed on the Vikings sideline, the Gjallarhorn will now have its own platform that will overlook the field from the northwest corner of the state-of-the-art facility ensuring that fans all over the building will get a chance to witness the pregame tradition of the sounding of the horn.

No word on whether or not the newly-relocated Gjallarhorn would shoot flames like the one in the picture there. I seriously doubt it, but man. . .that would be awesome, wouldn't it?

So, when Minnesota Vikings' football comes back to us in August, everyone will have to direct their attention elsewhere for the sounding of the Gjallarhorn. Just another unique touch for the new home of our favorite football team.