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Report: Vikings Expected To Be Lions Thanksgiving Day Opponent

The NFL schedule leaks are starting. There's a big one for the Vikings

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL schedule hasn't been released yet, but we're starting to see some things leak over Twitter and other forms of social media.

The big one so far is that it looks like the Vikings will be playing the Detroit Lions on Thanksgiving Day:

It would be the first time the Vikings have played a Thanksgiving Day game since 2000 against the Dallas Cowboys, when Daunte Culpepper and Randy Moss teamed up for what I feel is the greatest TD catch of Moss' career:

When Culpepper threw that ball, I thought it was going to end up in the front row, yet Moss somehow managed to pull that seed down and keep his feet in bounds. Overall, the Vikings have a 5-1 record on Thanksgiving Day games, but haven't played the Lions since 1995, when they lost a 44-38 barn burner, their only loss.

So kids, make your Thanksgiving Day plans now, knowing that the Vikings return to the holiday classic a long drought. Maybe Teddy Bridgewater and Stefon Diggs can do something to top that Culpepper-Moss score.