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Vikings hire new Strength Coach

The Minnesota Vikings have hired a new strength and conditioning coach to fill their vacancy.

Rule #1: Don't tear any pectoral muscles. Rule #2: see Rule #1.
Rule #1: Don't tear any pectoral muscles. Rule #2: see Rule #1.
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The NFL free agency period doesn't officially start until March 9 but the Minnesota Vikings have already snatched someone else off another team's roster.

After parting ways with strength and conditioning coach Evan Marcus in January, the team has filled their vacancy by hiring Brent Salazar. Salazar spent the previous nine seasons with the Kansas City Chiefs, where he served as assistant strength and conditioning coach. This will be Salazar's first lead strength and conditioning position in the NFL.

If all goes well, this will be the last article you will read on Salazar unless someone does a profile on him. Marcus was let go because of a series of pectoral injuries that plagued the team along with weight room injuries to key players like Jerick McKinnon and John Sullivan. I'm sure Salazar realizes that keeping his players healthy is equally as important as getting them in better shape. Hopefully the addition of Salazar to the Vikings coaching staff will result in better performance on the field and fewer injuries off of it.