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The U.S. Bank Stadium Roof Has A Leak

Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

Without making a move this offseason, the Minnesota Vikings now have to worry about something with a bigger leak than the offensive line.

It turns out that the roof on U.S. Bank Stadium has a leak in it, and the result is that thirty percent of the roof is going to have to be taken down and replaced. The repair will come at a cost of $4 million, which will be covered by Mortensen Construction and the design team. Nearly one-third of the roof is going to have to be removed to fix the issue.

Last fall, workers noticed dampness on the parapet wall and some pooling of water in the gutter, Wood said, adding that the water had yet to seep into the inside of the building.

"We're happy they found it now; stuff happens on projects," Wood said.

Yes, stuff certainly does happen on projects, even ones with a cost of over a billion dollars. The leak was discovered months ago, but the construction folks took plenty of time to pinpoint where the leak was coming from so that it could be repaired.

Have no fear, however. . .the stadium is still expected to be ready for an August opening and for the Vikings to play their full complement of games at their new venue.