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Your (Belated) 2015 Daily Norseman Totals

J-Dogg e-mailed me yesterday and said that some folks had mentioned the "year end summary" post that I've done in years past that goes through some of the stats that were accumulated on our humble little website over the course of 2015. I got these totals a while back, but it sort of slipped my mind to post them until I got that bit of a nudge, so we'll go through that now. Hey, better late than never, right?

First of all, I want to say that this was (not surprisingly) the biggest year in DN history in terms of traffic. We served up over 10 million visits for the first time in our history. . .10,360,277 according to Google Analytics, for those of you that are into exact numbers. . .and were just over 19 million pageviews for the whole of 2015. So, before we get to the stats, thanks to all of you out there for making that possible. We know that Minnesota Vikings football means as much to you as it does to us, and we're happy that all of you are here.

Now, on to the main event. We have the top ten DN posters in three different categories. . .most FanPosts, most FanShots, and most comments. Let's go through each of those.

Most FanPosts

Poster FanPosts Posted
Gone Fishin' 181
J-Dogg: VikingsSuperFan 99
Keith_S 27
t.howes 19
MNVikings1028 16
vikes24365 16
The Rus Viking 12
Hermod 12
dreitan 11
wludford 10

Not surprisingly, the two guys that have graciously volunteered to handle the daily Open Threads have lapped the field in this category. I understand that I need to do a better job of highlighting some of the good stuff that goes into the FanPosts. . .hopefully in 2016 I can make that happen a bit more frequently.

On to category #2.

Most FanShots

Poster FanShots Posted
Skol Girl 41
viking22 19
Christopher Gates 19
Eric J. Thompson 15
MMar83 10
dandyfop 8
tebe_1 8
96nordiccrush97 5
Gary-PDX 3
win7ermute 3

The FanShots haven't really been a big thing for us, for the most part. . .but yes, they DO get read. And they are appreciated.

And now, the one that you've all been waiting for. . .

Most Comments

Poster Comments Posted
filbert33 28,041
Gone Fishin' 20,825
supavike1 16,082
J-Dog: VikingsSuperFan 14,441
viking22 11,676
liveforadrenaline 9,546
Chris P Bacon 9,230
peterplaysbass 9,178
Gas-House Gorillas 8,708
fivefingers 7,877

Yep, you know the names. . .shouldn't be a whole lot of surprises here. There were five people that went into five digits during the course of 2015 (from 1 January 2015 to 31 December 2015). That's a whole lot of comments, that's for sure.

There you have it, ladies and gentlemen. . .your Top Ten lists for The Daily Norseman for the 2015 calendar year. Whether you've posted a lot or a little or don't post at all, thanks to all of you that have made this site a part of your NFL information gathering and discussion.