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Salary Cap Set To Go Up Even Higher Than First Expected

Mark Wilson/Getty Images

We mentioned a few days ago that the NFL's salary cap is set to take a significant jump for the 2016 season, and now it turns out it's going to go even higher.

According to a report from The Wall Street Journal, the National Football League has been ordered to return more than $100 million to the pool of revenue that is supposed to be distributed to the players. The total could be as much as $120 million.

Per the arbitrator's ruling in the case, the NFL and the owners "mischaracterized" $120 million of ticket revenue. Even though the league amassed this money over the past three years, the ruling requires them to return it to the players immediately, so it will all go into the pool for this season's salaries.

According to Kevin Seifert of ESPN, the additional money could result in the salary cap increasing by approximately $2 million per team. That would make the salary cap approximately $156 million, meaning that the Minnesota Vikings would have around $26 million in cap space before making any of the big decisions they have on the horizon.

A $2 million jump in the salary cap doesn't sound like much, but if a team is serious about getting involved in free agency. . .and, depending on what they do, the Vikings should be. . .every little bit helps.