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Long Live The Met

Photo courtesy of Sotastick Co.

We've highlighted some clothing selections from Twin Cities companies in this space before, and right now we'd like to do so again.

The folks from Sotastick Co. in Minneapolis have recently released a shirt honoring the legacy of Minnesota's original hockey team, the Minnesota North Stars. More specifically, the stadium they played in, that being the Met Center in Bloomington.

Long Live the Met T-shirt

The "Long Live the Met" t-shirt features a likeness of stadium seats with the "The Met" slogan printed on it. The seats are done in the classic North Stars colors of green, white, and gold (with some black seats thrown in). You can get the shirt in either black or North Stars green.

In addition, if you use the code "NORSEMAN10" at checkout (without the quotation marks, of course), you can save 10% off of the purchase price of your shirt.

We always want to support the local folks, and even though this isn't Vikings-related, it is a nice way to honor a piece of Minnesota sports history. So, if you're interested in the "Long Live the Met" t-shirt, head on over to the Sotastick Co. website and grab one now!