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Ninety Percent Of U.S. Bank Stadium PSLs Have Been Sold

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

With the opening of U.S. Bank Stadium less than six months away, the Minnesota Vikings have sold nearly all of the personal seat licenses (PSLs) for their new home.

The team broke the news on Wednesday that they had sold ninety percent of the PSLs as we head into Super Bowl weekend, and had secured commitments for 123 of the 131 suites that the stadium has to offer. There had been sixteen different price points for the PSLs, and they ranged from $500 all the way up to $9,500. Right now, the only ones that remain are at the $2,000, $2,250, and $2,550 price points. The remaining seat licenses can be seen on the stadium map below.

SBL Ticket Map

When all the seat licenses are sold, the team will have accumulated $125 million. That will go towards paying off the team's contribution to the stadium's construction, a figure that currently sits at $578 million. As the Star-Tribune explains, the licenses are one-time fees for the right to buy a certain season ticket seat at the stadium, and they're valid for 30 years. They're good for Vikings' games, but not for concerts or other events that may take place at the stadium.

Have any of you folks out there secured your seats at U.S. Bank Stadium yet?