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More Minnesota Vikings In Bad Lip Reading, Part 2

We featured Part One of the NFL's 2016 "Bad Lip Reading" when it came out a few days ago, so it's only right that we let everyone know about Part Two, which was just released.

This one gives us some more appearances by members of our favorite football team, as three members of the Minnesota Vikings appear in this second installment. Adrian Peterson is back for a second appearance, as you'd expect (though the BLR folks do use one of the same clips as they used in Part One with different words). We also get to "hear from" safety Harrison Smith, and head coach Mike Zimmer even makes a couple of appearances this time around. Frankly, and I say this knowing that I'm a bit biased, but Zimmer's second clip might be my favorite out of this whole set.

So, once again, sit back and enjoy the new installment of "Bad Lip Reading," folks. We'll have more stuff for you throughout the weekend as the 2015-16 NFL season comes to its conclusion.

And remember, you've gotta stir the bowl.

Stir the bowl.