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Marshall, Blair, Eller Commissioned For U.S. Bank Stadium Art

The former Viking greats will create various forms of art for the Vikings new stadium

Jim Marshall being carried off the field after his last game as a Minnesota Viking.
Jim Marshall being carried off the field after his last game as a Minnesota Viking.

A short while ago the Minnesota Vikings announced that three former all time great players have been commissioned to help create a 'one of a kind art collection' with U.S. Bank Stadium, the new home for the team starting this season. Jim Marshall, Matt Blair, and Carl Eller, all members of the Vikings Ring of Honor, will produce various forms of art that will be put on display throughout the stadium.

Marshall was known for drawing an eagle on his gear, and that symbol eventually became synonymous with the Vikings legend. It started as he was researching old Viking artwork, and came across Odin's Raven. It gave him inspiration, and Marshall has agreed to re-create the silver eagle that adorned his gear for much of his playing career.

Blair became an avid photographer during his playing days, and his behind the scenes access as a player allowed him to take some incredible photos. He has agreed to display photos that will 'will provide fans with a unique and poignant view into one man's career and the team for which he played.'

Rare photos of the Vikings from the mid '70's and '80's? Yes, please.

Finally, Eller, who was actually announced as one of 34 local artists last year, is an accomplished ceramic artist, will be creating a unique and personal piece for the stadium, one that 'pays homage to the Land of 10,000 Lakes by drawing inspiration from his many years of fishing and spending summers on the lake.'

One thing I've loved about the Wilf ownership and the Zimmer regime is their embracing of an era that means so much to so many Vikings fans. By commissioning three members of the Purple People Eaters and giving them a significant role in producing new artwork for this incredible stadium, that embrace continues to grow.

I not only can't wait for to see this new stadium, but I also can't wait to see the artwork that these three legends will produce.

You can read the full statement from the Vikings right here.