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Minnesota Vikings Reportedly Discuss Pay Cut With Mike Wallace

Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

This past weekend at the NFL Scouting Combine, the Minnesota Vikings brass was doing more than watching guys run fast and jump high in shorts and t-shirts. They were reportedly getting ready to discuss cutting the cap figure of the man that is, currently, projected to make more money than any other player on the roster.

That would be wide receiver Mike Wallace, who has a hefty $11.5 million cap figure for this season and one year left on his contract. According to Jason Cole of Bleacher Report. . .yes, I know. . .Wallace and the Vikings were going to sit down and discuss the possibility of bringing Wallace back at a lower cap figure.

After posting just 39 catches and two touchdowns in 2015 and not clicking with Teddy Bridgewater the way the team had hoped, many observers. . .myself included. . .figured that Wallace's release was inevitable. However, it might just be the case that Wallace really likes what the Vikings have going under Mike Zimmer and would be willing to take less money to come back.

Frankly, I'd still be a little bit surprised if Wallace decided to take a pay cut when it was all said and done. With the Chicago Bears having placed the franchise tag on Alshon Jeffery late last week, the free agency pool at the wide receiver position is paper thin. Even coming off of a down season, you'd have to figure that if Wallace were to hit the market, he'd be at or near the top of the wish list of teams with a need at the position. Sure, he's not going to make the $11.5 million he's scheduled to make right now, but he won't exactly be heading towards the poor house, either.

The new league year starts a week from Wednesday, so like the decision on their offensive tackles, the Vikings are going to have to pull the trigger one way or another on Mike Wallace. Which direction do you think they're going to end up leaning, folks?