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Mike Wallace Return "Still On The Table"

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Just before the start of free agency last week, the Minnesota Vikings made the decision to jettison receiver Mike Wallace and his $11.5 million salary cap figure. Wallace was fairly unproductive in his one season with the Vikings, catching just 39 passes, and though the two sides apparently attempted to re-do Wallace's deal to lower his salary cap figure, they couldn't come to an agreement.

According to one prominent NFL source, however, we may not have seen the last of Mike Wallace in purple.

Wallace apparently has a visit scheduled with the Baltimore Ravens in the near future. Frankly, it wouldn't be surprising to see him make his way back to the Pittsburgh Steelers, as it now appears that they'll have an opening at the position with the impending suspension of Martavis Bryant.

While I'm sure there's a chance of Mike Wallace coming back to Minnesota, and while I don't have Rapoport's sources (obviously), I don't know how "likely" a return to Minnesota for Wallace would be. From all reports, he liked it in Minnesota and the Vikings wanted to bring him back. . .but, if that was the case, why did he have to be released before working something out? There really isn't a lot in the free agency pool at the wide receiver position now that the initial flurry has come and gone, but the interest in Wallace has still been relatively lukewarm.

If the Vikings are still looking to bolster the wide receiver position through free agency, they'd probably be better off looking elsewhere, despite the dearth of options that still remain.