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Metallica To Play U.S. Bank Stadium Opening Weekend

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

The first official weekend that U.S. Bank Stadium will be open will see a couple of pretty significant concerts come to town. . .although, unless I miss my guess, most of our readers will be significantly more interested in one than in the other.

The first concert will feature country superstar Luke Bryan, and will take place on Friday, 19 August. That will be followed up the next night by a concert by Metallica on Saturday, 20 August. If you made a Venn diagram of those two fan bases, I don't think there would be a very significant cross-section.

Yes, Metallica has been around for a while. We're at the 25th anniversary of the "Black" album, and recently saw the anniversary of what, for my money, is their greatest album, Master of Puppets. That one came out thirty years ago last week.

(Yeah, we're all getting older, and it's not fun.)

From everything I've seen on the internet, the tickets for the Luke Bryan concert are not yet on sale, but it has been announced that tickets to the Metallica show will go on sale a week from Friday, 25 March.

The opening of U.S. Bank Stadium is certainly a cause for celebration, and to kick things off it sounds like we're getting a couple of pretty good ones. Sadly, we still have plenty of time to speculate as to who the Minnesota Vikings' first opponent of the 2016 regular season at U.S. Bank Stadium is going to be.

Are you or your family planning on attending either concert at this point?

Oh, and as long as we're all gathered here. . .