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Mock Draft 3.24.16

Free agency is 16 days old and the Vikings have added only one player since the 16th. They still have not got Greenway re-signed but he seems hopeful. The rest of free agency is likely depth type players that will likely only be camp bodies with the chance of making the practice squad.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

The Vikings should have about 12.4 mil left but need to set aside 6 mil for the rookie pool. This leaves them with another 6.4 mil to do any other things.

In my last mock my I talked about the efforts thus far. I also mentioned a trade idea which got no feedback. Most people wanted to discuss the results of free agency and whether or not they liked the moves. That was a very good discussion even if people disagreed strongly with each other.  We are all still Vikings fans and at the end of the day would probably share an adult beverage with each other while watching the team. Then, of course, we would argue about something happening in the game. :)

I would like to see the Vikings pursue a trade with the Arizona Cardinals for Michael Floyd. Now he probably is not even available but he is more than likely going to be a free agent next year unless the Cardinals place the franchise tag on him. This is unlikely since they have multiple players due for new deals in Calais Campbell, Chandler Jones, Tyrann Mathieu, Tony Jefferson, Andre Ellington, Kevin Minter, and some others. He was drafted in 2012 and they exercised the 5th year option on him last April 29th. He is set to make 7.32 mil this season.

The question is what is he worth in terms of a trade?

I would offer CP84 and our 5th for Floyd and their 6th. I think that is more than fair considering we got Wallace and a 7th for our 5th last year. Also, when you look at the fact that the Cardinals had Patrick Peterson returning kicks last year this may not be a good deal at all for the Vikings. But the Vikings need a receiver like Floyd so this is good enough.

The Vikings trade CP84 & their 5th round pick to the Cardinals for Michael Floyd and their 6th round pick.

Is there any other trades that may make sense? I know the Vikings have a bunch of linemen and they said they will compete but not everyone is going to be happy with the results and the Vikings would be wise to trade a player or two. But that is for another mock.

So heading into the draft, the Vikings have these picks plus Floyd! ...

1.23, 2.54, 3.86, 4.122, 6.181, 6.205, 7.241, 7.245

I am going to use the drafttek mock as a guide from 3/20 and that could change at any moment ...

As this draft unfold it is very surprising to see Ronnie Stanley still available at pick #15. He is too good to let someone else get and Matt Kalil is not the answer. He has had more than enough opportunity and we cannot pay him 11 mil to find out if he is going to finally deliver.

So the Vikings pull the trigger on another trade.

Trade 1: The Vikings trade 1.23 & 2.23 to the Rams for 1.15 & 4.12

1.15 Ronnie Stanley T Notre Dame rJr 6-6 312

After drafting Stanley it is clear Kalil is expendable. So Spielman gets to work right away and ships out Kalil.

Trade 2: The Vikings trade Matt Kalil to the Seatlle Seahawks for their 4th round pick 4.26 (#124 overall).

The Vikings now have these picks remaining ... 3.23, 4.12, 4.23, 4.26, 6.5, 6.28, 7.19, 7.23

The vikings have to sit around all the way through the 2nd round and midway through the 3rd before they get antsy and make another move.

Trade 3: The Vikings trade 3.23 and 4.26 to the Saints for the 3.15 & 7.16 picks

3.15 Karl Joseph SS West Virginia Sr 5-10 205

The Vikings now have these picks remaining ... 4.12, 4.23, 6.5, 6.28, 7.16, 7.19, 7.23

4.12 Deion Jones OLB LSU Sr 6-1 222

4.23 Hassan Ridgeway DT Texas rJr 6-3 303

6.05 Max Tuerk C Southern California Sr 6-5 298

6.28 Mike Thomas WR Southern Mississippi Sr 6-1 197

7.16 Morgan Burns CB Kansas State Sr 5-11 195

7.19 Kavon Frazier FS Central Michigan Sr 6-2 217

7.23 Ricardo Louis WR Auburn Sr 6-2 215

Montese Overton OLB East Carolina rSr 6-2 223
Ben LeCompte P North Dakota State Sr 5-10 200
Dan Vitale FB Northwestern Sr 6-1 239
Jake McGee TE Florida rSr 6-5 250
Quinton Jefferson DT Maryland rJr 6-4 291
Darrell Greene OG San Diego State rSr 6-3 321
Matt Judon DE Grand Valley State rSr 6-3 275
Nate Sudfeld QB Indiana Sr 6-6 234 7-FA

Obviously there are a lot of moving parts in this scenario and it is a bit much especially the trade for Floyd.  The Cardinals probably are NOT going to move him at all and will wait to see if they cannot re-sign him next year.  But for how much?  Hmmm ....

I do think the trades with the Rams and the Saints could happen because both teams only have 6 picks.  Even though the trades did not net them more picks it did get them better picks which they could then trade again if they wanted.  Spielman did this himself in the 2014 draft when the traded down twice in the 3rd round and then took Hunter.

The Kalil trade is another probable pipe dream but maybe reuniting with Pete Carroll will be something Kalil is willing to do and then he could redo his deal for them.  Not likely to happen I know. But this is a dream draft.

Here is another mock without any trades which is more than likely not going to happen. If you think they will not make any moves then go back and see the last time Spielman did not make any trades in an NFL draft. I can wait ...

1.23 Jack Conklin OT Michigan State rJr 6-6 308
2.54 Vonn Bell SS Ohio State Jr 5-11 199
3.23 Deion Jones OLB LSU Sr 6-1 222
4.23 T.J. Green FS Clemson Jr 6-2 209
5.23 Hassan Ridgeway DT Texas rJr 6-3 303
6.05 Cyrus Jones CB Alabama Sr 5-10 197
7.19 Matt Skura C Duke rSr 6-3 329
7.23 Ricardo Louis WR Auburn Sr 6-2 215

Feel free to blast away and please post your own alternate mocks whether using the trades or just a straight up mock.  I love to see all the different ideas from my fellow draftniks.