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SotaStickCo Remembers The Metrodome With "The Trough"

Photo courtesy of Sotastick Co.

About a month ago, we brought your attention to a shirt by the folks at the SotaStick Company that remembered the old Met Center in Bloomington where the Minnesota North Stars used to play their home games. Well, now they've turned their attention to our favorite football team to honor the former home of the Minnesota Vikings.

And they've picked the one thing about the Metrodome that pretty much all of us are going to remember about the place.

As you can see, the new shirt is simply known as "The Trough." There really isn't much of a description necessary. . .it's a line of guys using the Metrodome restroom using its most distinctive feature. I know when we had the stories about the Metrodome being torn down and parts of it being auctioned off, a lot of people. . .both seriously and in jest. . .wondered about the restroom troughs. I mean, this isn't exactly the same thing as having a trough of your own, but it's something to remember it by.

The shirt comes in the shade of gray that you see in the picture, and is available in sizes up to 2XL. The folks from SotaStick have also let me know that there's free shipping on orders (just select it at checkout) if you're interested in purchasing one.

Again, we always like helping the local companies out a little bit. Hopefully some of you out there will be interested in this one.