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Mock Draft 3.5.16

Well, my last mock seemed to be OK except for the trade of you know who. So that is not in this one. I had already completed this one before the news broke that the Vikings extended Sendejo and gave Ellis a small deal too. Things are starting to move and I expect we will mainly see the Vikings re-signing their own free agents. But for now, I can dream.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

For this version I used the fanspeak manage the cap site which is a fun tool to utilize.

The salary cap for 2017 is 155.27 mil and the Vikings have 24.8 mil available according to

Mike Wallace
Matt Kalil
Phil Loadholt
John Sullivan
Shaun Hill

This saves 37 mil making he available cap number 61.8 mil

Rhett Ellison (TE) give a 2 year offer for $1,200,000 per year
Zach Line (FB) give a 2 year offer for $760,000 per year
Adam Thielen (FB) give a 2 year offer for $760,000 per year
Carter Bykowski (FB) give a 2 year offer for $760,000 per year

Kelechi Osemele (G) accepted your 5 year offer for $11,250,000 per year
George Iloka (S) accepted your 5 year offer for $7,500,000 per year
Stefen Wisniewski (C) accepted your 5 year offer for $6,500,000 per year
Lamar Miller (RB) accepted your 5 year offer for $6,250,000 per year
Jeff Allen (G) accepted your 5 year offer for $5,800,000 per year
Andrew Sendejo (S) accepted your 4 year offer for $4,000,000 per year
Jeremy Lane (CB) accepted your 4 year offer for $4,000,000 per year
Zach Brown (OLB) accepted your 5 year offer for $3,250,000 per year
TJ Yates (QB) accepted your 2 year offer for $2,000,000 per year
James Hanna (TE) accepted your 2 year offer for $1,300,000 per year

These deals have a first year cap hit of 39.6 mil making the available cap number 22.2 mil.

We set aside the rookie money (about 6 mil) which makes the cap number 16.2 mil.

Last but not least, Harrison Smith would get a 5 year $48 mil offer which would have a 1st year cap hit of 5.1 mil which is less than his current cap hit of 5.278 mil so there is no change to the cap.

Again, with money leftover the Vikings could bring back some of their own players like Newman, Greenway, &  Sherels if they want. 

The Vikings have the #1.23, #2.23, #3.23, #4.23, #5.21, #6.5, #7.19, & #7.23 picks.

Trade 1: The Vikings trade #1.23 to Denver for the #1.31 & #3.32 picks
In the actual NFL 2013 draft, the Rams traded #22 & a 2015 7th to the Falcons for #30, #92, & #198 so this is pretty instructive.

Trade 2: The Vikings trade #3.23 & #7.23 to the Jets for #3.20

Trade 3: The Vikings trade #3.32 to the Ravens for #4.6 & #6.7

1.31 Will Fuller WR Notre Dame  6'0" 186  4.32 forty

2.23 Joshua Garnett OG Stanford  6'4" 312

3.20 Christain Hackenberg QB Penn State  6'4" 223  4.78 forty

4.07 Kamalei Correa LB Boise State  6'3" 243  4.69 forty

4.23 TJ Green FS Clemson

5.21 Hassan Ridgeway DT Texas  6'3" 303

6.05 Jalin Marshall WR Ohio State  5'10" 4.60?

6.07 Eric Murray CB Minnesota  5'10 198  4.49 forty

7.19 Matt Judon DE Grand Valley State  6'3" 275 4.73 forty

Dan Vitale FB Northwestern
Johnathan Jones CB Auburn
James Cowser DE Southern Utah
Nick Vigil LB Utah State
Beau Sandland TE Montana State
Kavon Fraizer FS Centrl Michigan
Montese Overton LB East Carolina
Travis Freeney LB Washington
Joe Thuney OG North Carolina
Brandon Shell OT South Carolina
Mike Thomas WR Southern Mississippi
Quinton Jefferson DT Maryland
Riley Dixon P Syracuse

I wanted to go outside the box with this one.  Nabbing all those top free agents is unlikely but you never know.  Paying Osemele like a tackle is risky but maybe it is worth it?  Allen and Wisniewski will be highly sought after for sure.  Probably why Spielman is looking at Ramon Foster.  He is so much smarter than I am that is for sure.  He is still is a dummy in my book though.  Until we win the big one.

The probable move that will cause the most consternation is the signing of Lamar Miller.  Now do I think this would happen and the Vikings would have that much money tied up in the RB position?  No.  Do I think Miller would want to come here and time share with AP?  No.  But I would love it!  Sets the Vikings up very nicely for next year when you know who is going to have to come correct when they discuss his contract or it could provide the Vikings with some flexibility.

In the draft I wanted to get a receiver early since I did not go after any in free agency.  Fuller replaces the speed of Wallace.   Getting Garnett was important to me too because Fusco may not bounce back on the right side.

I think the Hackenberg pick will be met with boos for sure.  I love it though.  Teddy is not a sure thing yet and even if he is having a pretty good strong armed QB behind him is not a bad idea to me.  Hackenberg faced more pressure than Teddy last year if you can believe that.  So he fits right in!  :)

I like Correa a lot and I am not sure what Zimmer would do with a player like him.

Getting another safety may not be necessary after the Vikings re-signed Sendejo much to my surprise.  Especially for the amount reported.

Many scouts feel Ridgeway came out early but he is a big boy and talented.  I think that the Vikings can groom him to be in the rotation in a year or two.

Marshall is dynamic and can return punts too. I think the forty time for him is going to improve at his pro day.

Murray is a good corner who tends to get flagged a bit but that can get cleaned up hopefully.

Judon provides some MOAR defensive end depth.

Anyway, just another dream of mine.

Feel free to blast away!