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Rhett Ellison Not Coming Back To Minnesota. Maybe.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

UPDATE: Hey, you know the entire story below there? Yeah. . .forget I said anything. For now. Clearly I have to type faster.

One of the more underappreciated players on the Minnesota Vikings' offense over the past four seasons is now, apparently, going to be looking for a higher level of appreciation somewhere else.

Former NFL player Riki Ellison, the father of Rhett Ellisonjust posted this on his FaceBook page:

Rhett has finished his career with the Minnesota Vikings and will be playing for another NFL Franchise next season.

It was a GREAT four years with the Purple!

Rhett was truly honored to be a part of the team, represent the Vikings in Leadership excellence on and off the field as well as Captain and most of all to help contribute to turning the Minnesota Viking franchise and its culture around to become winners and division champs.

Enjoyed every moment of it! Awesome City, Fans, Teammates and Friends.

Skol Vikings!

Rhett and The Purple Daddy have left the house and it was a GREAT RUN, A GREAT Chapter of LIFE, a GREAT EXPERIENCE with everyone!!

Thank you Minnesota, So Long and Farewell.

Ellison was the Vikings' fourth round pick in the 2012 NFL Draft out of the University of Southern California. He didn't put up huge receiving numbers during his time with the Vikings, but was very impressive as a blocker, both from the tight end spot and the fullback position.

Ellison suffered a knee injury in the regular season finale against the Green Bay Packers, and missed the team's playoff loss to the Seattle Seahawks. Now, it appears that his time with the Minnesota Vikings has, officially, come to an end.

We wish the best of luck to Rhett Ellison in his rehab from his knee injury and the continuation of his NFL career.