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2016 Daily Norseman Big Board: Finally Adding Some Offense

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Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

It's been a while since we added more offensive players than defensive ones to our 2016 Daily Norseman Big Board, but that's what's happened with spots 36-40. This time around, we've got three offensive players to add to the list and two more defenders.

The top vote-getter this time around does play on the defensive side of the ball, however, as Louisiana Tech defensive tackle Vernon Butler had the highest tally this time around.

He was followed by three offensive players, starting with Arkansas tight end Hunter Henry. He becomes the first tight end on the board, slotting into the 37th position on our board. After him is his brother*, Alabama running back Derrick Henry, who brings his Heisman Trophy into the 38th spot. Finally, we get Notre Dame wide receiver Will Fuller checking in at #39.

(* - I'm well aware that Hunter Henry and Derrick Henry aren't brothers. In the words of noted American philosopher Foghorn Leghorn. . .I say, I say, that's a joke.)

Rounding out our list for this session is Houston cornerback William Jackson, who will occupy the #40 spot on our Big Board.

Here are the results of the voting from this group:

DN Big Board Spots 36-40

We'll have the next voting board up at approximately noon Central time, ladies and gentlemen. We're getting quite the impressive group of names going thus far here.