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2016 Daily Norseman Big Board Voting: Spots 51-55

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Chris Chambers/Getty Images

We are officially on to the second half of our 2016 Daily Norseman Big Board for the Minnesota Vikings and the 2016 NFL Draft. If you want a recap of the Top 50, you can see our voting results post from yesterday to get the complete list.

Once again, during the voting process, you're asking yourself which player that you would want the Minnesota Vikings to draft out of the available player pool based on any criteria you see fit. That can be anything from best overall talent to the best fit for the Vikings or whatever criteria you'd like to use.

We are going to try to get this to a Top 100 before the start of the 2016 NFL Draft on 28 April. That's 12 days away as it stands right now, so we should be able to get to that point.

The scoring for this time around looks like this:

51st-place vote = 5 points
52nd-place vote = 4 points
53rd-place vote = 3 points
54th-place vote = 2 points
55th-place vote = 1 point

With that, the new player pool is below, ladies and gentlemen. . .feel free to discuss your selections in the comments.