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Report: Color Rush Uniform Colors Leaked?

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Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Credit to "Purpledork" for having this in the FanShots section first.

We've known for some time that all of the Thursday night games for the 2016 NFL season were going to be "Color Rush" games, playing off of the few games the NFL did with a sort of monochromatic set of uniforms for a handful of NFL teams last season.

In the past we've seen a purple-on-purple look from the Minnesota Vikings, and I think a lot of people assumed that we'd see something similar for the Color Rush series. However, when it comes to our favorite team, the NFL must have consulted with William Devane. . .because if this leaked photograph is true, it's going to be all about the gold.

Now, keep in mind that this tweet is from a (to put it charitably) unofficial source, but it seems like it would be a long way to go just to troll people.

Honestly, I'm not sure how I feel about this. On one hand, a gold-on-gold look for the Vikings would be a radical departure from anything we've seen in the past. . .to my knowledge, the Vikings have never worn any colors other than purple or white as their main colors. On the other hand. . .if it's the proper shade, our favorite team is going to look like a box of highlighters out there.

The Vikings' opponents in the first of their two potential Color Rush games, the Detroit Lions, are tabbed with an all-black look, which is strange given that the color black is nowhere to be found in their main color scheme. Their other Thursday opponent, the Dallas Cowboys, are apparently going to be all white. Then again, maybe the teams that are playing multiple Thursday games will get multiple "Color Rush" setups as well.

Again, it's nothing official or anything, but it's something to talk about, if nothing else.