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2016 Daily Norseman Big Board: Only Five Spots Remain

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

We've penciled five more names into our 2016 Daily Norseman Big Board for the Minnesota Vikings leading up to the 2016 NFL Draft. It's been a long, slow slog to get to this point, but there's only going to be one more round of voting left to go.

In the latest round of voting, Colorado State wide receiver Rashard Higgins found his way to the top of our list. He will move into the #91 spot on our board.

The runner-up for this session was, in fact, a runner. Notre Dame running back C.J. Prosise will take spot #92.

Alabama cornerback Cyrus Jones becomes the latest member of the Crimson Tide to make our list, as he'll slot in at #93. Right behind him we have another member of the Fighting Irish, as Notre Dame cornerback KeiVarae Russell. . .whose name I've apparently been spelling incorrectly this whole time. . .takes the 94th spot. Rounding out this session is Georgia offensive tackle John Theus, who we'll put on our list at #95.

Here is how the voting worked out for this round:

DN Big Board Spots 91-95

The final round of voting for our 2016 Daily Norseman Big Board will be kicking off at noon Central time, ladies and gentlemen. Thanks to everyone that's been a part of the process thus far.